Would you like to try pottery?

Abe Pottery offers pottery lessons, which are tailored for all levels from beginners through to advanced, from children to adults. Pottery classes are run on weekdays and nights, as well as on weekends. We provide the opportunity for potters to develop their skills at their own pace.

Our pottery studio, situated in Ogikubo on the Chuo line, is only 8 minutes from the Ogikubo station. We handcraft our own unique pieces and are also able to make that perfect gift for someone special, offering custom work and personalised pottery. Please contact us to enquire about pottery lessons.

Programs for young people
We also have programs for children after school and during school holidays.


Cost The ABE POTTERY pricing is designed to be flexible and affordable.

Admission fee: 6000 yen
Monthly fee for free course: 8000 yen

Glazes and firing 2 yen/1g Clay included.

Opening hours

Wednesday to Friday: 13:00pm 21:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 13:00pm 18:00pm

and by appointment.

Introductory Pottery Lesson

3500 Yen Clay (1 kg), glazes and firing included. Please book your introductory lesson.

Other Services

Kiln firing Wheel hire.

It takes approximately one month to create a piece of pottery from start to finish. We let you know when your art work is ready to collect.
Due to the fragile nature of pottery, a delivery service is not available. I hope you will understand that your art work may be damaged in case of an accident.

Pottery supplies

clay, glazes and pottery tools

Ceramic ware made to order For those potters who are in need of studio space, pottery wheel and kiln firing services, these are available too.


8 minutes walk from west exit, Ogikubo station (JR /Subway Marunouch Line) Parking for small car available

Address: 2-10-3, Kamiogi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 167-0043